Friday, December 9, 2011

Reverb11: Days 8 & 9

Today is two in one because I was in a continuing education class all day yesterday.

Day 8: Difficult.

What was it about 2011 that was difficult? What did you learn from this experience?

For me in 2011 I obtained the last license I needed in order to do my job (legally). I studied for more than 1 year and got the last license in July of 2011. Just when I thought I was done with tests and studying when I finished grad school in December 2009, in 2010 I found myself back in the classroom with books in my hand.

That piece of paper from the state of MA meant that my boss now calls me his colleague. It means I'm legal to write and sell property & casualty insurance for my clients. I'm glad it's over because now as long as I keep my CE classes going my license will renew every 3 years.

Day 9, Strong. Today, December 9 is my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad! I'm proud of you for talking about retirement in a year and having already lined up a retirement job after a very rewarding career you'll be on to a second one during retirement.

How did you feel strong in 2011? Was there something that really makes it so you can face 2012? For me, it's yoga. During this year I read the book 'My Life in 23 Yoga Poses' and I highly recommend the book (even if you don't do yoga). It's really a humorous life for those of us that live in the suburbs of a city, in a city, or just in place surrounded by Yuppie Moms (I mean this in the most affectionate of ways). Now I'm not what you would call a Yoga person. I take Centergy at my gym and I like that the music, pace, and teacher, take it a far way from chanting and sweating in a hot room.

In 2011 I cashed in a Groupon and started doing some hot yoga classes on the side. I knew people in my neighborhood did hot yoga and always said good things. I hate the heat (read: my favorite vacation spot is ICELAND). It turns out, the hot yoga (despite giving me a bit of heat rash) is actually wonderful. Like the instructor says: you suffer through 90 minutes of yoga or you suffer with bad health for 90 years.

I'd love to hear from you. What made you strong in 2011 and what sort of challenge did you face this year.
(26 Bikram Yoga poses):


  1. A two-fer, eh? I'm tempted to say "responding to Reverb" for the difficult thing -- introspective retrospection isn't something I naturally do. But it's not that hard, I guess. I suppose what stands out to me as difficult would be a small thing for many people: I had to learn to give myself shots (the urologist put me on subcutaneous testosterone, 1/2 ml twice a week). I'm ridiculously, childishly afraid of needles, and my initial thought was "yeah, sure, right." It's a fairly unpleasant shot, too ... super-viscous, and stings some after it's in. But I stuck with it (horrible pun, I know), and I found out something: it's easier than I thought it would be. Needles aren't so scary when I'm the one who has my hand on them; I know I could always stop if I had to ... so I don't have to. It's still not pleasant, but it's just part of the routine now.

    Strong: I'll interpret that physically, I think, even though it's not the most important form of strength. I've been a daily workout guy for the last ten years, but this year, by any objective, numerical measure I can apply, I've taken my game up a couple of notches. And -- especially at my age! -- that feels really, really good.

  2. Jim,

    I know first hand how well you are doing this year with the workouts and taking good care of yourself. It's not easy--but keep up the good work!