Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reverb11: Day 14, Lucky

Well I picked the prompt 'lucky' for the 14th because it's my lucky number. It's my husband's lucky number too (awww).

How were you lucky in 2011?

My first thought was that I was lucky to have been employed the entire year. Then I realized that was partially luck but a good part of it was hard work. I have to keep reminding myself to not take my job for granted. I think of luck of a different nature. I escaped the year without any major illness or mishaps.

I did not have the kind of gambling luck. I spent several days at Mohegan Sun and just was not in the gambling mood (I was there for work). My husband went to Vegas this year (also for work) and did not find himself lucky in the casino either.

So yeah, back to the career. I'm still outside of my comfort zone working in a field that is not the original career path I was on prior to the economy taking a deep nose dive. I am lucky to have a stable job and have good working conditions (my own office) and good hours. Most days though I feel like an outsider. Today my boss reminded me: "you can't ask for xyz because you've really only been here a year and a half." (2 years come April 2012, but who is counting). I've worked hard to get to this point. I now have 53 hours of continuing education to complete before July 2013.

Is it luck that got me to this point? Or is it settling? Either way, I'm comfortable with the choices that I made. I have a lot to look forward to in 2012. I'll be assigned a new undergraduate student at Babson College to mentor starting in February. I'll be her mentor all the way until she graduates. Things like that (that I could not do if I had not completed grad school) really are what I feel most lucky about. I feel lucky to give back to my community and at the end of the day that's what helps me sleep well at night.


  1. Thank you for you clear no-nonsense way of saying things! I like you!

  2. Micro-luck: I went to the dentist on Tuesday, rolled the dice, and won -- didn't have to make another appointment 'til the next check/cleaning. Then again, I'm not sure I ever "win" at the dentist's. What I did was more like "break even." What I did was "not lose."

    Seems like even if I don't lose on a particular visit, he's getting me ready for the upcoming loss. On Tuesday, for example, he had to tell the hygienist (although he was really talking to me): "Let's put a watch on fourteen, that lingual margin ... I'm seeing a little separation there." I know where that goes. Two checkups from now, it'll be, "I think we need to do a little work on fourteen, there."

    I'm also noticing something that probably happens to all folks my age: the dentist I've been seeing for the past third-of-a-century sees fit to retire. He turns his practice over to his son. The only problem with that is, I remember his son from when he was MY son's first-grade classmate. "Little Brad" ... and now that punk kid gets to go into my poor tender mouth with his hands full of sharp power tools. Actually, he seems to be pretty good at it; now that he's done some work on me, I'd choose him over his dad, given the choice. Sure was tough that first time, though!

  3. Jim, you have made me smile. I work with dentists every day and often forget there's patients there behind the business! I never see or hear the patient stories. I do always think about luck when I'm in there and I get out (of my own dentist's chair) without incident! I can totally relate...I talk about teeth all day long! Eeeek!