Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reverb11: Day 24: Love

Some say that animals cannot feel love outside of humankind. If that's true it would mean that when my co-worker's cat passed away recently her other cat did not really feel heartbroken (after 12 years). That would mean that the cat now left alone in her house was not actually feeling emotions. Pet owners often talk about the unconditional love they receive from their pets.

The dog is waiting for them (eagerly jumping out of his skin) each day they arrive home from work. If Maximus did not *feel* any emotions why would he carefully place a toy the last place he saw us (floor mat by the front door) so that we would see it when we got home. Thanks for sharing, little buddy.

If Chimpanzees did not feel emotion and love why are they so attached to their young and heartbroken when a friend passes away? Why do dogs in kennels end up getting depressed if their emotions are not actually real?

During 2011 how did you receive love? Did you put up a barrier and close yourself off? Or did you make new friendships and strengthen the ones that you have. Did you walk with your dog in the woods and see the light and laughter in their eyes? Too all creatures great and small, Merry Christmas. On this Christmas Eve I can't think of a place I'd rather be than reading on my sofa with a cat warming my feet.

(me and Maximus, and my running shoes). :)

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