Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reverb 11: Day 6, Unique

I'm taking a break between client calls to type this in and it's a welcome break. My voice is a little raspy today (my husband has a nasty cold so I'm fighting it off on my end). It's just such a relief sometimes to type instead of talk.

Today's Reverb is the word unique. What was it about 2011 that makes it a unique year for you? Were there any experiences or people you met that changed your life?

I meet literally hundreds of new people in a year. I travel to conferences and trade shows for work so I shake a lot of hands (back to those pesky germs...). I was flying out of Pittsburgh this October trying to get home to Boston during a snow storm. (Yes, I said October and snowstorm in the same sentence. Those of you that live in the Northeast know what I'm talking about). I met this older guy (he was in his late 80s). He was waiting for a plane to NY and was eventually flying on to India for his final trip of his life. He called it his "last Hurrah." It turns out he was a professor back in the day and was quite brilliant. He was reading the paper and offered it to me when he was finished. He had a lot to say about politics and universal health care.

It turns out he was staying with friends in India. The guy in India got quite wealthy from this man helping him get his start in a business many years ago. He loves India as it turns out, and he was very excited about his trip because he was staying there a whole month. I'm not sure why this was his last trip (although I can picture someone in their late 80s having a rough time with two days of travel to get there). Maybe he was dying although he seemed pretty robust when I met him. It was clear to me that the man was quite brilliant. He was waiting in the Boston flight's terminal because his NY flight was delayed and he was not sure if he was leaving Pittsburgh that night. I luckily made it home 2 hours late (and landed in the snow without a winter jacket--that was fun since we had to go down the steps like it was the 1960s or something).

This man (I never got his name) really made me think. I talk to a lot of random people in airports (shout out to the wine bar in the Philly airport) but to meet someone taking their LAST trip just gives me chills. He for some reason knew he did not have a lot of time left and he was going to see his friend for a final goodbye.

I'd love to hear about someone unique you met in 2011 or a unique experience that really left a mark on your soul.


  1. Oh my days, we have the same template! How cool is that? I just changed to this one a couple days ago. Nice.
    What an experience with the man on his last trip; I can't begin to imagine how he felt about it. Still, his actions show that we should make the most of the time we have and do the things that bring us pleasure. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. WE do have the same template. I meant to tell you that! :) :) Thanks for your comment. I hope you meet someone like this man. Very interesting random encounter!

  3. I "met" a woman on MFP who has since acquired an unusual and highly-aggressive uterine cancer, for which her prognosis is not cheerful. She's a therapist in California. She's since dropped off MFP (saying, reasonably enough, that she has no current interest in skipping any ice cream at all), but she's been kind enough to stay in touch by regular email. It completely rips your heart out, what's happening to her, but I'm very glad I've gotten to know her a little bit ... what she's shared about discovering anew the depth of the love between her and her husband, and her kids, and her patients -- well, it's given me a whole lot to think about, too, just in terms of what's really important, and what hardly matters at all.

  4. What a great story. My daughter goes to college at Smith College (a Californian!) and I had just been there the week BEFORE this big snowstorm. What a great story you have to tell from it!

    I wrote to the Unique prompt today as well.

    To read about my unique year, look here!

    I found the prompt here, this morning, with you - and gave you credit for it!

  5. Jim, I just got chills. Thank you for sharing that. I've met some great people on MFP, that's for sure!

  6. Julie: Smith is near and dear to my heart. I posted on your blog and red your prompt--thank you so much for using mine!

  7. Thank you Hallelujah for reading!