Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reverb11, Days 17-20

I was offline for a few days so I'm typing up my list of prompts in case any of you want to respond to them:

Dec 17. Economy
Day 18. Extreme (I was originally going to post about Extreme Couponing--not that I do it, but it's an odd 40 hour/week habit)
Day 19. Helpful

Here's today: Dec 20: Age

A colleague recently told me that after 40 Birthdays stop being a big deal and stop really being fun. I can't imagine even thinking that--no matter my age. Life's too short to not celebrate your day.

How did you look at age and aging in 2011? How are you looking ahead to 2012 and the age you are going to be? Well, I'm turning 35 in less than a month. I'm one of the rare women that does not hate when people ask me my age. I always answer honestly. I take great care of my skin (always have), have some good genetics going on (thank you, Mom), and I'm seriously not afraid to get older. I'd like to think I'm aging gracefully.

"I like to think I have a little grace. Not as much as Jackie O.. ... "Grace isn't something you can pick up at the market."-Seinfeld episode 

I know that women are obsessed with aging. I mean, look at Demi Moore spending a reported $60,000/year just on fillers and injections for her face. I've seen women that (when asked) have been told "you don't look your age." I remember one woman responding to this by saying: "well, I do go to the gym pretty much daily." Is it stress that ages us? Or is it environment? I spend a lot of time outdoors (but always with a hat/sunscreen/hiding under a tree). 

And no, come January 18th I'm not going to shout out "It's my 21st Birthday...again!!!"


  1. This is definitely a neat topic! I think a lot of women tend to obsess with age because physical appearance is what a lot people tend to notice. Although I don't have to worry too much about aging right now, I think it's important to focus on developing internal qualities, so if and when physical beauty does fade, you have other qualities that can be appreciated. But that's just my take on it.


  2. Thanks, Alyx for stopping by. I appreciate it.