Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reverb11, Day 10: Cookies

Yes, that's right. I'm Reverb-ing about cookies.

Today I'm making Fresh Ginger Cookies

Looking back on 2011 there were some stand-out cookies and baked goods. To go along with Christmas dinner I'm making a meyer lemon cake that is made with olive oil and Greek yogurt (yes, a healthy cake that does not look or taste healthy).

I also noticed a trend this year of people eating 'breakfast cookies'. The cookies I am speaking with are made with dozens of ingredients I can't pronounce and are loaded with fake sugar. "But look, they have vitamins!" I know that many breakfast cereals are the equivalent of giving your child a plate of cookies and milk. However, I can't even imagine sending my kid off to school (not that I'm a parent) with a 'breakfast cookie' in their bag.

It's real cookies all the way in this house. Many made with just a few ingredients we have on hand (such as the above cookies).

What tasty treat did you bake in 2011? Even from a mix counts (we really enjoy the Trader Joe's bread mixes in our house). Is there a traditional cookie you bake every holiday season?


  1. Yum! I love your gingerbread man! He looks quite soulful!

  2. Ohhhh wow. Immediately I thought, "What shall I bake today!"

    I think old fashioned Snickerdoodles are still my favorite, though this week I want to try some new Christmas recipes to pack in my daughters lunches. Her friends gobble up my homemade goodies!

    Glad, as always, to find you on the Reverb11 Facebook group!

    My Most Recent Reverbing may be found here!

  3. We LOVE Snickerdoodles in our house!! Thank you Julie and & Hallelujah for your thoughts.