Monday, July 25, 2016


Summer of 2016 is going well.

There have been a lot of meals outside. There was Lobster Fest 2016 in Maine with the family. We've been enjoying campfires and just hanging out. I joined a new gym and I've been really soaking up the pool, new yoga classes, barre classes, and Zumba.

Summer really used to be my least favorite season. Then in 2002 we got Central Air. :) Since then I don't hate summer but rather I embrace it.

I don't hike as much but there have been some memorable trips to the woods. This coming weekend we'll be in Maine and I hope to hike each morning. We're taking Friday off so that should be nice and relaxing. I'm looking forward to peace and quiet for a few days. Tyler's Birthday is Friday and on Thursday night we're doing dinner with friends (gotta love a BYOB restaurant).

What are your plans for the rest of the summer? Now I know that Halloween candy is out in stores but it's just too far off to think about. Corn just came into season in MA and we went blueberry picking earlier this month (6 pounds of berries!!).

Did you used to dislike summer too or were you always a summer person?