Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reverb11, Day 22: Dream

On this, the first day of winter I dare you to dream.

Not too big. Not too ridiculous. Just big enough.

Does your dream involve hiking with a llama (thinking of you, Western MA peeps)? Does your dream involve sleeping under the stars (wear bug spray--I've done it). Is your dream to rescue or foster a dog or cat from a shelter (foster programs are wonderful if you are able and willing to do it).

For me I have plenty of sunshine in my office (major plus, I may never go back to a cubicle farm). I get to spend enough time outdoors to not go stir-crazy in winter. I volunteer and give back. I may not run races or be raising children but I dream of mostly peace and quiet. Time in the woods with my snowshoes. Time to read and look out the window at my lovely neighborhood. Time to travel and have someone else pay for it (thank you, employer).

Mostly, these days I dream about rest and relaxation. Yoga. Now there's a dream I can stand behind. Yesterday I was so stressed out running errands during lunch. Downtown Westborough was a mad house. I nearly got run over twice from people too busy to *look*. I shrugged with dismay at the 15 cars waiting in line at the drive-thru instead of getting off their lazy asses to go in to Panera Bread. (burn two calories on the way in to get the giant bagel? Nah. I think I'll sit in line). Then I got to Zumba. I felt better. I forgot about the holiday madness.

Dare to dream.

Cute. I haz sunshine.

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