Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Reverb11: Day 27, Relief

Relief. I feel a major sense of relief now that the holidays are over. I finished my holiday shopping by December 5 and all of the gifts were a big hit (and everything fit thank goodness--I hate returns).

The retailers in the US start pushing Christmas in September. Outside of Nordstrom (they proudly say they take one holiday at a time and give their employees Thanksgiving off and decorate the day after) I can't think of another retailer that waits until the actual holiday season. Taking one holiday at a time is something I  believe in, and anytime I went to the mall prior to Thanksgiving all of the Christmas decor actually freaked me out a little. It made me nervous and anxious. It also gave me a mild headache--Christmas music in November? Ridiculous.

I took today off to recover from Christmas (and our two days away from home). We went to Drumlin Farm this morning to check out barns and chicken coops. We're hopefully getting chickens (for eggs) in 2012. The barn would be for the tractor in Maine--we would not build it here. Currently we're keeping the tractor in the garage which means the Jeep cannot fit. The barn would not become a reality until 2013 or so, but at $2 a chicken--why not?

Back to the topic at hand. Relief. What were you relieved about in 2011? Did you lose that pesky weight (I know I did, and it was not easy)? Did you also get relieved when 12/26 hit because it meant your local radio station is now playing its normal programming? I sure did.


  1. I will echo your relief at the imminent end of the "holiday season." When one is as fundamentally dull a person as I am, one may as well embrace it and own it ... I loves me some routine in my life, and the first three or four months of the year are a good place to settle into that routine. I celebrate my inner rut-dweller!

    Let us know how you make out with that chicken operation. I've never kept chickens, but I'm told by those who have that a hen lays an egg every day or so, when she's in the "productive" part of her life. That is amazing to me. When you consider the mass of the hen, relative to the mass of a single egg, and consider also that the egg is basically totally protein and energy, it's really tough to see how she does it so often. I'm guessing she needs a lot to eat, and pretty good stuff, too. From what I hear, after a year or two, they're pretty much done being able to do that ... do you have a "retirement plan" in mind for them?

  2. Hi Jim, the retirement plan would be the crockpot. We would not be able to do the butchering ourselves but we would have a friend do it (he hunts!). It is amazing--our hens will lay 2 eggs/day each! (here's hoping) Routine in your life is good for me--one of my doctor's always talks about how routine is important!