Thursday, December 15, 2011

Reverb11, Day 15: Procrastinate

That's right. Too funny that weeks ago when I made my Reverb word list this word ended up on today.

I have yet to do my Christmas cards. I have yet to bake the breads for my co-workers. The holiday shopping has been done for weeks (so that I did not hold off on).

So...the word is perfect for me today because co-workers are leaving for vacation and I did not get their bread made. The cards I'll do this weekend (see, I'm procrastinating with that right there).

I'm a great procrastinator. Sometimes things happen quickly. This year I drove around with a busted (but patched radiator) to not only save $ but to also see how long I could go around like that. I drove with a busted AC and just started to sweat part-way home each night after work (this was mid-summer). In the end, we sold that Jeep in August after adding up all the repair costs (she was about to turn 10...our Audi turned 10 and it was one thing after the other so we learned that lesson well).

I'm really good at putting off things until the next day (laundry, dishes) and saving work tasks until day's end (difficult client calls). Tasks I enjoy doing (planning a trip for work or for fun) get done right away. It's fun to find the best deal and start to plan a trip. For our Iceland trip this past September I planned it all by January 16, 2011. By doing so I took advantage of a 50% off hotel rate special that was in early January. I booked the hotels, planned the route, and put the trip aside (waited on buying the airfare).

This coming June my family will be heading to Canada. The Canada book is already on the coffee table with pages folded down. So give me a task like trip-planning and I'm all over it.

What was it during 2011 that you put off doing? Was it looking for a new job or losing that pesky 10 lbs? Was it researching colleges with your teenager (because the longer you put it off the crazy price tag goes down, right?) Or was it just little I mentioned above.

This is my book:

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