Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reverb11: Day 13, Scared

December 13: Scared.

Have you ever noticed how hotels do not have a 13th floor (not sure about apartment buildings and office buildings, but I think it's the same).

What was it that occurred in 2011 that had you scared? Is there something scary about 2012 that you are dreading?

There were a lot of new things in 2011 (or old things turned new again in the case of skiing, kayaking--other things I've already mentioned in my Reverb). I would say in 2011 I got used to the ghetto of Philadelphia. I mean the really bad boarded up, crack deals going down on the corner part of Philadelphia. Why were you in the rough section of Philly? you may ask. Well, as it turns out Temple University Dental School is so far into the depths of bad Philly that you can't even get a cab to come pick you up.

Temple U started letting us vendors valet our cars so this took away the "OHMYGOD my rental car got stolen" fear. And I just get out of there as fast as I came in. See, I can't fly with pepper spray and I certainly can't fly with a knife. So...valet parking is my instant solution.

If you are EVER thinking about sending your kid to Dental school don't get fooled and think the rest of Temple University is 'kinda in a rough spot' and that perhaps the Dental school is in a safer part of Philly. It's not. Now, the kids I work with from Temple Dental are wonderful. However, the boarded up buildings that surround the school and the drive by shooting that went through the clinic doors last year scare the crap out of me. That is all. Send your kid to UPenn and sleep a little better at night.


  1. Disclaimer: I know Temple U is a great school. Temple Dental is not near the main campus. It's really in a rough spot. No exaggeration.

  2. I hear ya. There are parts of U of Memphis that are in shady parts of town... wait a second... ALL of Memphis is shady! LOL, no worries offending me about Temple U. I go to the University of Memphis, I'm hood all the way.

  3. Leah, I really want to check out Memphis someday! :) Just TN in general--I'm a huge New Country fan.

    Hope the semester for you at your U finishes up a-okay and that you enjoy your time with your brother coming up. :)

  4. My mom died when I was fourteen. My daughter just turned fourteen this fall. It's a weird, scary set of years for me. I know it's ridiculous, but mainly I'm trying to be gentle with the weird little part of my brain that is convinced that I'm going to drop dead at any moment in some weird re-enactment of mother-daughter fate.

  5. T.L. not weird at all. Thanks for sharing. My husband lost his dad when he was a baby. That's why I tell him not to get his pilots license or learn how to fly a helicopter (not how his dad died). However, in my mind it's the curse of dying young and I have this strange irrational fear.