Monday, January 10, 2011

What's on your Amazon Wish List?

I love my Amazon Wish List. I add things to it from other sites (Etsy, Modcloth) as well. I often add things to remind myself of an artist/author/style that I enjoy (or read about). All of the things are items I would gladly take as a gift (hint hint my b'day is 1/18). Most of them I will never purchase. Some of them I'll purchase with my spare change (Coinstar, I love your 0 processing fees when used for Amazon!).

So what is on your Amazon Wish List?

I'll give you a sample of a few things on mine:

(went to a Slow Food Boston event, added this after hearing the top bean expert in the world speak).

(Because honestly who does not love a red purse, below...tea for one by Bodum)

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