Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Book: 'My Life in 23 Yoga Poses'

Today's Downtown Women's Club blog post led me to check out this new book by Claire Dederer.

I investigated further on Amazon and liked the first review:

"The thing I liked best about "Poser: My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses" is that Claire Dederer explains a lot about yoga without making it sound like some type of mysterious cult type pursuit. I was drawn to the book because I've been thinking for years about attending some yoga classes but somehow never seem to get around to it. Is it exercise? Is it a religion? A little bit of both? The author discusses these very questions throughout the book. Her sense of humor and sometimes irreverent remarks had me laughing, but at the same time understanding just what draws so many people into the yoga experience. Her book is as much a book about life as it is about yoga."

Although I do not take a straight yoga class (I take this wonderful class that kicks my butt called Centergy) I appreciate yoga. Centergy is made up of yoga and pilates rolled into one and set to an amazing soundtrack. I had one yoga class that I loved. It was taught by this lovely woman named Rose. It was taught in 2002 at Mass Bay Community College. Rose was the only yoga teacher I've ever had. She was well into her 60s at the time and looked amazing. To this day I tell myself "that's what you'll look like in your 60s if you keep taking Centergy or if you pick up Tai Chi again!"

Do you do yoga or some variation of yoga? Do you do Tai Chi (lovelovelove, but my new gym does not teach it). My Centergy instructor put it best the other night at the end of class (which ends with a round of applause each night) "I feel 1000% better." I agree. 1000%.

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