Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I don't really know how to phrase this...

Sometimes I can't help but get defensive in regards to product loyalty. I know a few women who sell various products  (good reputable brands) that tend to act brainwashed. I don't know how else to describe it or how to put it in a non-offending manner. For example, I love using products by Aveda, Lush, and Origins that are mostly made up of natural products. Origins in particular has served me quite well. In fact, part of the reason I believe I still get carded at 34 is 1. good genetics; and 2. Origins products. I wear a face moisturizer with SPF 15 in it each day. I have done this for pretty much my entire adult life thus far.

I only encounter people like this...let's say Super Saleswoman (SS for short) once in a while. They honestly believe that their product is superior. I can say something such as: "Lush is natural and only lasts a few months because often it contains only natural products (like my scrub that is basically sea salt and vodka)." Or "The Body Shop is doing a great job with fair trade products." The response from the SS types is always the same. "It's all marketing hype." or "Don't believe everything you read." or "Fair trade does not mean that all of the ingredients are well monitored for quality control."

Have any of you had this issue? I know longer go to 'seminars' or 'lunch and learns' for products sold by the SS types. I know their career choice is working out well for their lifestyles. I just really get all uncomfortable when the brain washing just becomes so obvious. I LOVE my brands. I'm obsessed with my brands. I really enjoy the Aveda spa I go to. I just have to stop talking about it (as I did this morning) because no matter what I say to the SS types they are always "my products are the best and that's that."


  1. This sounds like girl talk ;-)

  2. Yes, DarkTouch it is. :) I wanted to point out that this career path is good for some women (or men) but it's the brainwashing bit that bothers me. I know that most corporations have their form of brainwashing too (Six Sigma, anyone?). The fact that some of these salespeople can't even think for themselves bugs me.

  3. This happens to me whenever I explain to a well-meaning sales person that I cannot have SLS. To this they usually respond that SLS is not actually drying...... BTW, I have some shampoo you need to try. supposedly moisturizing but too thin for my hair.

  4. Hi Spiderbabe, thanks for stopping by and for your feedback on this. :)

    I'm totally willing to try that shampoo. Thank you for thinking of me. :)