Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thoughts on Birthdays

I started using this little app called MyFitnessPal (free on iTunes) the day before my Birthday. During grad school (4 years leading up to 2009) I started up a slippery slope. I was working full time and working on my MBA at night. During that time I got a lot of "what are you crazy?" from other folks in the business world. I did not want to get in debt deep by not working during school. Anyway, back to my challenge.

I always heard that in your 30s it's harder to stay in shape, loose weight, and just stay on track. In my early 20s I did not weigh enough to donate blood (I was 110, you needed to be 112). I knew I was too thin back then. I started to take Karate in my 20s but then my instructor moved to Florida as soon as I reached Orange belt status. I began Tai Chi but then my gym closed and my instructor is now making burritos at Whole Foods to support his 3 kids (true story). For the past year I've been taking Centergy. This class has been amazing. I remember when I made it to the end of my first class I sat there and just cried. It was the ass-kicking (followed by meditation) that I'd been looking for. It was the instructor that I've missed since my former Karate and Tai Chi masters. Someone who is supportive and a class where everyone applauds at the end.

Centergy is an essential part of my workout routine now. I can't imagine life without it. Days I miss it (like yesterday due to snow) I feel like something is missing. So now, I'm on the Dark Side of 30. I love my 30s. Really. But just as everyone warned me, I've packed on additional weight and it all started with bad habits during grad school (snacking, mostly, and missing workouts). So for the first time ever I'm using an app to track my nutrition (I love how the app tracks nutrients) and my workouts. My battery in my Polar Heart Rate monitor is dead and I realize now that's what I've been missing in the past year. It helps you not to over train. When you over train you store fat.

Here's a photo of me from graduation last year...time to move on and get back on track. Sometimes Birthdays do that to you. :)

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