Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vacation Planning

Yes, I'm aware that it is only January 6. I'm pleased to report that I booked my vacation for September. I will hold out for a sale on the flights but I was able to save 50% on many of the hotel nights by booking prior to January 14. I also did not have to put any $ down on the hotels, so it's a nice (free) type of planning.

The current plan is to go to Iceland September 3-13. Yes, it's the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and I will not be in America. September is going to be a busy month for us. We have two weddings to attend that we are very excited about (!). We also decided to go back to Iceland in September Vs October for our wedding anniversary. After September 21 a lot of hotels and attractions are closed and...there's a HUGE amount of snow in the northern sections. We just did not want to risk a repeat of what occurred last time we went. It's something we can joke about now, but at the time it was pretty scary (freak snowstorm, getting the rental car stuck in the snow many kilometers from anywhere...)

Fall vacations are my favorite. It's cheaper to fly and you can get into any restaurant of your choice. Nantucket and Napa/Sonoma are both amazing destinations in the fall. September is still technically summer and in Iceland there's actual night time (compared to the summer there when it's the Land of the Midnight Sun).

Here's where I booked for those of you that are curious:
1. Fosshotel Baron. We love this one. We've stayed there twice before and you can get a flybus there from the airport.
2. Fosshotel Skaftafell (south Iceland)
3. Hotel Höfðabrekka (near the black sand beaches in Vik)
4. Fosshotel Vatnajokull (anything with the word jokull in it is good because you know there's a glacier there).

Fosshotel Baron in particular was a great deal because it came to 90 EUR or around $120 US per night. That's cheaper than NYC, Pittsburg, and Philly...count me in. :)

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