Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keeping Your Cool

There's an interesting list list today on The Happiness Project about keeping your cool. I know keeping a level head during the work day can be challenging. There's company politics, company culture, and a wide array of personality types that are factors. You have to learn how to play nice in the sandbox.

I know that there's a theory that within a corporation there are people who are subconsciously trying to re-create their family or their childhood within the walls of the workplace. When I watch The Office I can't help but think: "Oh my goodness, that's something that would totally happen at work." The Michael Scotts of the world think that the people in the office are family. At my place of employment this is part of the company--you really are made to feel like you are part of a family unit. Not everyone likes that, but it works for me. Maybe that's why there's so many people here that actually cook at work. They are jumping into the parental role and caring for the 'family'.

One thing I have not done in a while (that helps me keep my cool during the work day) is walk during lunch. Once winter hit it was not something on my list of daily activities. Our CFO (my walking buddy) is back from maternity leave now so there's really no excuse. Summer was easy because I would just throw a pair of slip on Sketchers in my bag. Now, it's like---what do you wear to walk when there's rock salt and snow everywhere? I'm thinking of taking my cross country skis to work (there's a nature preserve in my office park--so that might be kinda neat).

How do you keep your cool? Does counting to 10 really work?

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