Friday, January 7, 2011


I know there's webcams all over the world where you can look at things that interest you.

I checked out this one that came in the Icelandic Tourist Board's newsletter. I really wish all e-newsletters were like this one. It's always informative and sometimes even humorous. Since it is winter a much of the focus was on things like the Blue Lagoon. Now I've only had dinner there but it's a pretty neat place. The spa experience there sounds like something you will not get anywhere else. A floating massage? Interesting...

I am treating myself to the spa for my birthday. I normally do not get pedicures in nice spas because the pedicure with the hot stones for under $30 always does the trick at a place in my town. I'm going to the Aveda spa/salon in Bedford (where I get my eyebrows done--love that place). That should be nice because I always like my feet to look good in Centergy class. Anytime you have to show your feet in public (for me 2-3 times per week) you can't have them looking gross.

Do you have a favorite spa or spa service? Is there a webcam that you have bookmarked that you enjoy looking at (I mean something more exciting than the Cape Cod Canal one)?

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