Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Photo Swap

2010 closed with an annual party with the photo club that I'm a part of (The Worcester Photography MeetUp Group). It was my 2nd year attending and it was a very fun evening. My favorite part is the print swap. This is where you bring one of your original photographs matted (or framed and matted) and gift wrapped. You put your name in and when one of the group leaders pulls your name you randomly select a wrapped print from the pile.

The print I selected was beautifully matted and framed. It was shot by one of the guys working on the fireworks for New Year's Eve in Time's Square. He took the shot from the top of a Federally controlled building rooftop (where the ball drops). The shot was taken at night and it was taken a few days before the party. It now hangs in my kitchen. It looks out of sorts next to my 1950s/1960s wallpaper. Perhaps I need to get rid of that wallpaper and paint to bring the kitchen more up to date. I know the last time we took wallpaper down it was a weekend-long project because the wallpaper was not done correctly.

I look forward to doing more with my photo group in 2011. There's talk of a group exhibit at the town hall in Worcester. That would be pretty fun!

Oh, and the image I gave to the swap? A close-up of some tomato plant blossoms. I wanted to give something summery as we were a few days post-blizzard.

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