Friday, December 6, 2013

Reverb13: Day 3, Revising that Bucket List

Well, it's official. I get to cross something of my bucket list!

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That would be item #2. Go on a yoga retreat. Heading to one with a friend and fellow blogger (blog-ess?) and I'm really looking forward to it. That will be in February and we booked it already.


#1 still stands. #3 still stands.

Travel wish list will include crossing off Germany in September (since we are in the process of booking a trip there--the hotel in Munich is already booked during Oktoberfest!!)

So now I need something new.

I'm going to go with #2, read the entire Dark Tower series by Stephen King.


Here's to the ebb and flow of a Bucket List. Here's to taking time to take care of yourself and book that retreat and just BE.

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