Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ye Old Bucket List

I decided it was time to start keeping track of some sort of Bucket List. It's a short list at this point. This is separate from a travel wish list (that's ever changing and evolving).

Here's list item #1: Go on a National Geographic Expedition to the Galapagos Islands.

#2: Go to a spa/yoga retreat. No, not one where you drink your own pee (as horrifyingly described in Yoga Bitch). Here's some yoga retreats that are in Europe and as far as I can weird stuff going on.

#3 Learn how to paddle board. This would not work at our lakehouse in Maine except in the wee hours of the morning. There are places in Maine to learn this sport though. Since this is a bucket list item I should say it also includes perfecting the art of paddle boarding and buying my own equipment.

#4 take a week-long cooking class in Tuscany.

The travel wish list, in no particular order is:

-Cruise of the Roman Empire (Holland America). 10-day cruise.
-New Zealand/ Australia
-Brazil (Sao Paulo in particular intrigues me).
-France (countryside)
-Ireland & England (we've done Scotland and loved it)
-Scandinavia (all of it, Iceland of course has been amazing but I'd like to see the rest of the countries).

What's your bucket list or travel wish list? Do you already know how to paddle board? You have to admit, my #1 item is pretty darn unique.


  1. Well...yes, I'd admit that it's unique...only you should know my brother-in-law did it. And it was life-altering, mind-bendingly, pants-poopingly awesome for him.

    I admire the rest of your list, though. Good luck!

    1. Jeff, That is amazing your BIL did it! Just gotta save my pennies I suppose. We met a guy once in Iceland that had been to every continent. He was young too. Just decided that's how he wanted to spend his time and money.