Monday, December 23, 2013

Reverb13: Joy

What gave you joy during 2013?

  • My family
  • My husband
  • My cat who is turning 14 in 2104, Maximus
  • My dear friends: we hiked together, we read together, we laughed together, we watched movies together, we cooked together, we loved and we laughed together.
  • Snow. Wow, we got a lot during the winter of 2013 (and we end the year with some too). Snow brings me joy. It brings my husband joy. We get out into the woods and we have fun
  • Good health. Something I will never take for granted
  • the strong pull of standing back and watching Karma do what Karma does. Amazing. 
  • Being strong, getting a good review at work
  • My students at my day job, at my volunteer mentor job, and the children as always enjoying the farm I volunteer at
  • Music. 
  • A new kitchen made on our own. Hard work but much joy has resulted. Wok on, my love, wok on!
  • weddings: one on the beach in CA and one at a winery and distillery in NH. So happy to be part of both!

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