Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Reverb13: Day 2: Routine

Last night in yoga we talked about learning to JUST BE. If something is uncomfortable or you have trouble getting through it can you control your reaction to the situation? If you are in a yoga pose that's really tough--can you just be? I had another instructor (who happens to be a brain surgeon in her day job) that always reminded us "This is only temporary" (translation: push through that pain, this is good for your body).

Day 2: Routine.

What is your routine? Why is routine important?

My routine is to eat breakfast and lunch at work. It's important to my morning routine to have lunch packed (or planned) and have breakfast stored in my office (oatmeal or muesli--something I can make at work with milk, water or the microwave).

My after work routine is to get dinner started (or to have a plan, or to run errands) and workout for an hour at some point. If it is yoga, zumba (which I hope to get back to it has not been possible since October), or even some cardio. It helps me "forget" the 8:30-4:30 I spent sitting at a desk. Typing. Answering phones. Crunched up in a ball. It also helps me make better food choices and maintain my weight (challenge for me).

My routine for weekends is to get some volunteer work AND some yoga in if we're in MA. If we're in Maine I try to get in a walk or a hike each day we're there (a MUST, no matter the weather). I ease into my Maine days (2 weekends/month). I kinda rush into my Massachusetts's a Boston thing I think. :)

Routine keeps me grounded. I just wrote "routine" and thought of poutine. hahaha.

Here's a photo of poutine. Mmmmm.

(photo credit: The Canada Cheese Man)


  1. Thanks for sharing your routine and a photo of the poutine. I appreciate blogs like yours that are so honest and forthright.

    1. You are most welcome. :) That feedback helps a lot too! Have a great day and thanks for reading.