Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reverb12: Day 12: 12/12/12: Unexpected Passion

Prompt for December 12: Unexpected Passion:  What new hobby or interest piqued your passion this year?  Or did you think about an old passion in a new way?

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Recently I contacted my boss for my volunteer work at Drumlin Farm. 

I have volunteered at the farm for nearly 13 years. I was named one of the Farm Ambassadors in 2011 and this was a great thing for me. I was able to teach these kits to children a few weekends per month (lesson kits about various topics on the farm such as 'whose egg is this?'). I always volunteer at the special fundraising events but I decided to take part in a new one this year. It was called 'Moon over Drumlin' and it was where really well known restaurants from the Boston area got together and made dishes with farm ingredients. I helped the fine chefs at 80 Thoreau in Concord, MA.

During that dinner I was able to assist in serving these goat tacos (they were the hit of the night quite honestly) and also a salad. The menu changes on a regular basis and they use locally sourced ingredients. Also, it was named one of the best restaurants in Boston this fall by Boston Magazine. It was fun and challenging working at that Gala dinner. It inspired me to contact my boss (back to that thought) to tell her what I like doing and where I want to go with my work. I explained Farm Ambassador is cool but not really what I'm looking to do. I asked if I could help with some of the adult classes as well (canning, gardening, etc.) I also offered to help with photography.

Well my first photo gig is coming up on the 17th. I'm photographing birds at the feeder. I really just let them know that there's things I enjoy doing and things I want to do more of. Unexpected passion. I have always admired the $150-$200 per person Farm to Table dinners (yikes on the price, right). I'd never gone to one. So I went and I worked and I got a really amazing experience working with the chefs. I've always gotten along well with the Teacher Naturalists that teach the classes I'm interested in.

So what will 2013 bring? We shall see. I loved being a Farm Ambassador for 2 years but I think Teacher Naturalist Assistant has a better ring to it for me and where my volunteer interests lie. It was not easy to ask, but I sure am glad I did.


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