Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reverb12: Day 11: List

Day 11: What is a list you've completed recently?

Every now and again I complete the Monday Poll on this blog called Makeup and Beauty Blog. It's written by this blogger in San Francisco and she has a tabby cat that's featured on there as well.

Here's the list I completed this morning. Sharing with all of you.

1. Mood: [Tired. The holidays wear me out]
2. What was the last time you received a compliment you can credit to a beauty product? [On Friday before our work holiday party my boss said I looked nice. I was wearing boots and a sweater dress but it may have had something to do with my new GinZing eyeshadow by Origins (in a silvery green)]
3. Current obsessions? [The lack of snow in New England at this point. We had no snow last winter and I know it is technically still fall but I'm using it for excuses lately. "I can't eat the giant vat of cookies because there's no snow to ski in"]
4. Something you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to yet? [mail my Christmas and Hanukkah cards]
5. What are some things that make you happy? [Snow days. A warm kitty under the blanket on the couch while I read. 3 day weekends.]
6. It’s okay to _______. [head to work without a shower to get some extra sleep. No one is going to know.]
7. What’s one thing you always do before leaving the house? [Make a cup of coffee on my Keurig. Goes into a porcelain travel mug. Best travel mug style ever.]
8. What’s something surprising you learned about yourself this year? [that I really do need that 'buffer day' before a conference or work meeting when traveling. You NEVER know what the airlines will do to you. They may even leave you stranded in the middle of the night with a plane full of strangers having to drive all night in a rental car to make an 8am meeting--true story]
9. Tell me something — anything — about your morning so far. [I resisted a plate of cookies. The sun *finally* came out and is streaming in my office window.]
10. Weekly goals: [see friends I have not seen in 1 year at a holiday get together. Go to my Dad's retirement party (yay!). Make sure to workout each night that I'm home]


  1. I might need to complete this list, except... I rarely use beauty products. I should, with my cancer scar, and I did, on stage the other night. I don't know what's stopping me other than general malaise... but then again, malaise is pretty strong!

    Popping in from We Reverb on Facebook. Always a pleasure to read you.

    If you would like to read my most recent Reverb12 prompt, here it is!

    1. I'm a moisturizer and powder gal most days! I do the bare minimum. Thanks as always for reading, Julie.