Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Working out when you travel for work

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a conference/trade show in Anaheim, CA. For those of you that have ever attended a trade show you know that it's long hours and lots of eating on the run. You get to eat dinner late quite often and you tend to just go completely nuts when you finally get a menu in front of you. The reason is it is your first 'real' meal of the day, it's paid for by work, and you're so excited to finally have REAL food. I'm not complaining. I actually love to travel for work. My face-to-face time with clients and prospects is one of my favorite parts of my job.

This time, I'm going about my work travel a bit different compared to the last 13 years or so. I got a workout DVD at Target for $8. I tried a few on Netflix on demand and decided which one to buy. This way, if I can't make it to the hotel 'gym' to work out (most hotel gyms are horrible) I can workout in my room. I chose Power Yoga since lots of hours on a plane, on your feet, and in heels can really do a number on your back. Oddly enough I choose that trainer from 'Biggest Loser'--Jillian--as the Yoga DVD. She's actually kind of cool when you get her out of the other training situations. On some business trips I've gotten a short-term pass at a gym near to my hotel. This worked out well in Kentucky ($11) but not so well in NYC ($50). I'm being strict in 2011 because travel in 2010 paired with huge meals and a departure from my normal routine led to some serious weight gain. I'll pack my gym stuff like I normally do but this time I will have a back-up plan to the hotel gym. No broken elliptical or dirty equipment is going to slow this girl down!

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