Monday, February 14, 2011

What I miss

Since 1995 I've had a variety of jobs. More jobs than the average person perhaps. The good news is I have 'transferable skills'. Also, I do volunteer work each year so I've learned random things (such as how to card wool the old fashioned way).

There's a few odd things I miss about past jobs. Now mind you, I'm content in the industry I'm in now. I really enjoy my workplace, co-workers, and clients. I just can't help being nostalgic sometimes.

From my last job I miss the parties. There was the party where we carved pumpkins. The party with the Margarita Man. All of these while on company time. I was just thinking today about how much I miss having dogs in the office. I've worked in two offices where there were 1-2 dogs in each day. My office now would never accommodate that (nor would I expect them to). It was just nice during the day to have an animal that would not talk back and that you could give dog cookies to.

Do you have an unusual perk from an old job that you miss? Have you see this Margarita Man that I speak of?

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