Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hot Sauce Addict

My brother collects hot sauces (as some of you may know). He actually uses them. I was never really into hot sauce until friends of ours introduced us to the sauces by Pepper Plant in California. These are small batch sauces and the garlic one is our favorite thing to serve with meat (or put on a burger). There's something about Pepper Plant products. They are so good. It's also good with Mexican dishes.

A few months back I bought sriracha sometimes called 'rooster sauce'. Today's Globe featured this article about the 'King of Sriracha'.Although my husband is not a fan I find myself putting it on all sorts of dishes. I had it last night on ham broccoli quiche that we made. I read in 'Everyday Food' that sriracha is good in spaghetti sauce.

What is your favorite hot sauce? Are you addicted to the Rooster?

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