Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bargain Hunting

The past few weeks there's been random things I've found while out and about doing errands. Last weekend I got fleece-lined leggings for around $3. Those are hard to find under $10-$30 depending on the brand. Today I found products by Peanut Butter & Co. for $3.50 each. They are normally $5.69/ea. The leggings and peanut butter (oh my goodness-they have maple peanut butter?!?) were found at Ocean State Job Lots. A word to the wise when buying food at OS--always check the dates. The PB expires 2 years from now so I was good.

Kohls has been in the news this week for artificially raising prices. Be careful when you shop there. They are known to have 3 different price stickers on the item of clothing (with the last one before the 'sale' being lower--backwards, right?). Grocery stores are known to do this too. Big Y in particular (the Buy 1, Get 2 free sales where the single item price was lower last week). I was never comfortable with Kohls. I hate that Kohls cash and how they tell you how much you 'saved' on your order. Clothing they sell on 'sale' is known to be cheaper that very same day elsewhere--even on

JC Penney just released a new pricing strategy. This really is amazing marketing. They figured out that customers are offended by pricing games that other department stores play. At my workplace we laugh on a weekly basis at the Macy's sales (ads in the Boston Globe are often full-page). Is the consumer in this economy foolish enough to fall for these ridiculous sales? The nearly empty Natick Mall (refuse to call it The Collection) says no. Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Ross stores (Philly area--love them!) are full. Target's newest designer collection pretty much sold out on day 1 (this past weekend).

When you shop at your mall and see signs "70% off" "Spring Sale" do you believe them? Are you like me and you Red Laser (iPhone and Android app) the product to see if it's really a good price? It worked with my last coffee maker purchase--by using Red Laser I determined Target was the cheapest price out there. Use the technology at your finger tips. The Amazon app is also useful for this technique. And please, for the sake of your wallet--be smarter than shopping at Kohls, Macy's and the other department stores with artificially increased prices. Maybe even check out the new JC Penney's strategy and welcome the fact that they are not insulting our intelligence.


  1. OMG you've just described my shopping to a T... in that I avoid the "big" places. I was seriously watching a bedroom set at a furniture store, but I heard that they'd be moving so thought I'd wait for their... we're relocating and don't want to pay to move it sale... The set I'd been watching at the time for $1200 was ticketed at 50% off... but that was off the price of $3500 that they'd marked it up to for the "sale" $1750 for what I could have bought the previous month for $1200... um.. that's no sale.

    Also second hand shops KNOW your prices, I walked into one and saw a used bicycle... just like one I used to have... had to look $150 for a 4 year old model that I bought NEW for $90... don't get hosed, just because they call it a sale doesn't make it so.

    I haven't made any good finds lately but I really should get out there looking for a dehydrator and another crock pot and as always cast iron pans and mason jars.... maybe tomorrow. Have fun all.

    1. Love a good second hand shop. So fun!

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