Monday, January 23, 2012

That Inner Hoarder

This past 'winter break'--the time where my husband has vacation days to burn through home alone--was very productive. Tyler did a major basement project that took pretty much all of his vacation time to complete. We now have a dedicated beer-making and canning area in the basement. I took advantage of the Container Store's January sale and got some bins for organizing the linen closet (that was my mini project). I've now rolled all of my hand towels and washcloths into bins (a la Martha). I even...wait for it...labeled the bins.

The basement is now complete with an old 1950s era stove top and a gun cabinet made into storage for Mason jars. Very New England, right? The 1950s stove is gas and was salvaged while the rest was sent to the dump. Instead of having to buy a new gas stove top (it's the basement after all) Tyler was able to utilize the top and keep the cool looking features intact (neat clock, timer, etc.)

The back wall is still storage but there's new shelves for all of the holiday decorations, camping supplies and hoard of food from BJ's. Speaking of hoarding...this post here titled 'Stop Feeding your Inner Hoarder' really spoke to me. Each time we spend a day cleaning and making piles of stuff to donate we feel cleaner. More free. A few months later it happens again. It's not us buying more stuff (I have a 'one in, one out' rule for my closets). It's us accepting gifts from friends and family. "Sure, I'll take that Wok off your hands...oh no...we already have one..." (shoves Wok under steps for safe keeping).

Have you re-purposed anything in your home as we did with the stove top and gun cabinet? We've tried to tell family members on both sides "we don't really need anything" or "Can we do something instead of Christmas gifts this year?" Both attempts have failed. We've decided just to keep our mouths shut and stop putting things in the attic (after the last yard sale we established a 'no adding stuff to the attic' rule).

Do you hoard? Do you keep a lot of duplicates around 'just in case' (my Wok example above). I'd love to hear from you...and feel free to make a gun cabinet into a glass-front Mason jar storage. It looks great!


  1. I have a lot of mason jars that some consider hoarding when they see them, I only have 100 jars, a fraction of what I want to have (1000 is my aim) I need to look into the tattler reusable lids as opposed to the one time only lids. But in the meantime I have enough lids to do the jars I have for 5 batches.

    I do try to have a secondary use for things in mind if I must bring them into my home, IE buying eggs in cardboard dozens or 18's so I can use them as seed-trays instead of buying the styrofoam trays that are one-use and discard.

    I re-purpose broken solar walkway lights extracting the panel and using it to charge batteries, or gum / mint tins to LED lights that I can use as joule thiefs actually draining batteries, there is lots of power left when they won't run your digital camera any longer.

    Home phone I have a corded one for when the power is out assuming it didn't knock out the phone lines too... I have a charcoal barbecue and a propane one.. Friends think it's weird, I also have 3 tanks of propane for the barbecue, only filling them when they are actually empty as local stations charge per bottle regardless if it was empty. Only thing I don't really have is an alternate heat source if gas / power is out the house has no heat. That'll be addressed in the next house. Woodstove or perhaps a wood boiler, the less power required to run components the better.

    Certainly been called a hoarder but everything has its use here :)

    1. I don't consider you a hoarder in my book. Just a smart guy with a lot of neat and useful things! :) Hoarders are dirty (true hoarders that suffer from the illness) and there's mice running around and animal poo on the floor. Plus, you re-purpose things for other uses!

  2. Just don't start hoarding guns.

  3. Can't hoard guns. My gun cabinet is full of jam & pickles.